I have read through the documentation a couple times, but I still have
a few questions about the recent tool shed enhancements.

At MSI we have a testing environment and a production environment and
I want to make sure the tool versions and configurations don't get out
of sync, I would also like to test everything in our testing
environment before it reaches production.

Is there a recommended way to accomplish this rather than just
manually repeating the same set of UI interactions twice?

Can I just import tools through the testing UI and run the
./scripts/migrate_tools/XXXX scripts on our testing repository and
then move the resulting migrated_tools_conf.xml and
integrated_tool_panel.xml files into production? I have follow up
questions, but I will wait for a response on this point.

Also as you are removing tools from Galaxy and placing them into our
tool shed, what is the recommended course of actions for deployers
that have made local minor tweaks to those tool configs and scripts
and adapt them to our local environments? Along the same lines, what
is the recommended course of action if we need to make minor tweaks to
tools pulled into through the UI to adapt them to our institution.

Thanks for your time,

John Chilton
Senior Software Developer
University of Minnesota Supercomputing Institute
Office: 612-625-0917
Cell: 612-226-9223
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