Dear John

This sounds interesting, however, I've been struggling for quite a sometimes on 
limiting the number of options a user could see when it loads the tool wrapper. 

I have a separate database that records the results obtained from the execution 
of my developed tool along with the $__user_email__. This way my database table 
has the results for all galaxy users. My tool also let the users to perform 
further downstream analysis on the previous run. Therefore, I am using 
dynamic_options in wrapper xml to populate a dropdown with the results/datasets 
for the previous run of the tool to choose from. 

The problem is I have to show the datasets/results for all users, ideally I 
would like to limit the options in the dropdown to the results belonged to the 
logged-in user by writing a query something similar to select id, option from 
myTable where useremail=$__user_email__. However, I have no idea how to grab 
the $__user_email__ at time of execution of the function assigned via 
dynamic_options="load_dynamic_values()" in xml wrapper.

Would you have any idea how this could be achieved. Thanks.



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