I already asked a similar question to the Galaxy mailing list toward this 
topic, but it didn't quite solve my problem.
I was seeking help on a way to create a tool which would be able to 
retrieve all the details (the information you get when clicking on the 
"eye" icon in a job in the history) for all jobs from an history. This 
tool would simply create sort of a log file which would contains all the 
parameters used for each job in the history.

I am not interested by retrieving the actual datasets, but only by the 
"details" information related to the jobs.

As I have access to the database, I could create a tool which would access 
the right tables and retrieve all this information.
Although to achieve that, I think I would need to retrieve the history ID 
first (to be able to retrieve the information related to that particular 
history from the database).

My question is then: Is it possible, from a tool, to retrieve the history 
ID of the current history?
If not, would it be possible to make some changes in galaxy's files, that 
would make the history ID appear somewhere on the galaxy page, so the user 
could manually enter the history ID as a tool parameter?

Thank you all for your help.  This is greatly appreciated!!


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