Hi Peter and thank you for your answer,

I think I have misspoken when I said that I would like to retrieve the 
history ID from a tool.  As you suggest, I was indeed speaking about 
retrieving the history ID from the XML file instead.
And I agree with you that showing the history ID on the galaxy page would 
look terrible from a GUI point of view. :)

About your alternative suggestion, I already looked at Galaxy's 
environment variables (such as $__user_id__), but I don't think the 
history ID can be access this way.  In fact, and I could be wrong, but 
I've found that the only Galaxy's environment variables are : $GALAXY_HOME
, ${GALAXY_DATA_INDEX_DIR}, $__new_file_path__ , $__tool_data_path__, 
$__root_dir__, $__datatypes_config__ , $__user_id__, $__user_email__ and 

About the $__app__ variable.. I was aware that it might be used to 
retrieve the history ID (even though I didn't found how to do it), but as 
you said, this variable is marked as "to be used in last resort and that 
it could go away in future releases".  So I was seeking a way to retrieve 
the history ID (from the XML file) that would be stable and that would not 
risks to become non-functional with new Galaxy releases..

Best regards,

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To:     Jean-Francois Payotte <jean-francois.payo...@dnalandmarks.ca>
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Date:   14/06/2012 09:17 AM
Subject:        Re: [galaxy-dev] How to retrieve the current history ID

On Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 2:08 PM, Jean-Francois Payotte
<jean-francois.payo...@dnalandmarks.ca> wrote:
> My question is then: Is it possible, from a tool, to retrieve the 
history ID
> of the current history?

I think the answer is no - assuming you mean tool as in the script or
binary being executed - after all the tool might be running on a cluster
node with no direct connection to the Galaxy server. But see below...

> If not, would it be possible to make some changes in galaxy's files, 
> would make the history ID appear somewhere on the galaxy page, so
> the user could manually enter the history ID as a tool parameter?

That sounds like a horrible UI :(

I do have an alternative suggestion: Is it possible for the tool XML file
to access the history ID, just like $__user_id__ can be used to get
the user's ID etc? See this wiki page for other available information:

It is possible this can already be done via $__app__, but as noted
on the wiki that is considered a last resort and liable to change.


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