Hi there,


I am piloting my own instance of CloudMan in Amazon Web Services, using
the current public AMI (according to your Wiki), AMI: ami-da58aab3 and
Name: 861460482541/galaxy-cloudman-2011-03-22.


I'd like to either tunnel X11 through SSH (either PuTTY on Windows, or
just at a Linux prompt with "ssh -X"), or use an NX client to connect.
I'm very familiar with how to do both, and have tested both locally.  I
have a local X server (latest XMing) on my Windows box, latest PuTTY,
latest nomachine.com NX client.  When I first start up CloudMan and
login as user 'ubuntu', it asks if I would like to set up NX, and I've
added myself as a user there.  I can log in as that user via  normal SSH


I can't seem to either tunnel X11 over SSH or connect w/ NX.  NX
connects up through the initial stage and asks me for my password, but
doesn't start a desktop.  Trying to tunnel X11 (xclock command) just
sits forever (either via PuTTY or just normal "ssh -X" at a Linux
command line).  I see that Xvfb is running, and I can use 'xwd' to see
an image of what is in the virtual frame buffer, ie the xclock window.
It does seem like not all the required packages are installed, or
possibly I just need to start a different service.


Should I  expect that either tunneling or NX works 'out of the box', or
are there more packages I need to install and configure?  Any tutorials
or pointers out on the web?  


Thanks.  I did search mail archives. :)


Martin J. Dellwo, Ph.D.

Manager, Translational Informatics


Janssen Research & Development, LLC

Information Technology

Welsh & McKean Roads, Spring House, PA  19477

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