I found a solution, it seemed that I made a stupid mistake somewhere. But the 
following solution will work to preserve the original text in the edit field.

Add the following to your parameter
    <param name="myparameter" type="text" area="true" size="40x80" 
label="sample parameter">
        <valid initial="default">
          <add preset="string.printable"/>
      <remove value="&quot;"/>
      <remove value="\"/>
      <remove value="&#xA;"/>
      <remove value="&#xD;"/>
      <remove value="&amp;"/>
    <mapping initial="none">
          <add source="\" target="\\"/>
          <add source="&quot;" target="\&quot;"/>
      <add source="&amp;" target="&amp;&amp;"/>
      <add source="&#xA;" target="&amp;n"/>
      <add source="&#xD;" target="&amp;r"/>
I make use of to escape characters I use \ for \ and " and use & for the 
newline and carage return, because otherwise \n will reformatted to \\n once i 
get it inside ruby.

Then I use the following code in ruby to decode it again
def unescape(val)
  res = ""
  escape = false
  val.each_char do |char|
    if escape
      escape = false
      case char
      when '&'
        res += '&'
      when '\\'
        res += '\\'
      when 'n'
        res += "\n"
      when '\"'
        res += '\"'
      if char == '\\' || char == '&'
        escape = true
        res += char
  return res

If you want to preserve tabs you will have to add them, but example should be 
clear on how to do that.

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