Hey guys,

I just recently got several inquiries from users who would like to set up a local galaxy instance here at our university. I setup a server and got it basically running, the only modifications I have made thus far, are opening the website outside of localhost, and having it communicate with our central postgres server. I have two questions I am hoping someone can answer, I have spent some time on a few blogs and through the archive and haven't found an exact answer.

My first question: Is there a way to make the galaxy server retrieve data from a local storage set, instead of uploading newly through the web interface? Http seems like an awfully inefficient way to transmit sequence data. If I mounted an nfs directory full of sequence to the server could I load and analyze it, and what options would I do to config this?

My second question: When setting up a cluster do most people make the galaxy server a head and farm out to compute nodes, or do you send jobs off to a remote cluster entirely? It seems like the options in the universe_wsgi.ini file calls a local daemon for cluster management, but I am a bit confused.

I hope I haven't wasted anybodies time with these questions. This tool looks amazing and our researchers are keen to get going at it.

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