I have a somewhat unusual problem.  I have a local instance of Galaxy wherein 
users are created automatically upon authentication (use_remote_user = True).  
However, for a handful of users, their remote_user names have changed.  After 
that change, a new Galaxy user and role were created, and they can't access 
their old data.  Worse, they continued using the new account and so now have 
two sets of (possibly) identical data.

Is there a simple way of migrating datasets, jobs, quotas, etc., from one user 
to another?

I've figured out a way to make the necessary changes at the MySQL database 
level.  However, there is one sticky problem.  None of the tables (aside from 
role and galaxy_user) define the role_id or the user_id as unique, so I would 
assume I can simply UPDATE the table to set the old role_id or user_id to the 
new role_id or user_id.  Unfortunately, it appears that some of the tables are 
in practice keeping the role_id or user_id as unique.  For example, 
default_user_permissions or user_role_association.  Could a single user have 
multiple default permissions or multiple roles?  What would happen if this were 
the case?

In short, can anyone say which tables have practical unique role_id/user_id to 
data associations?

Of course, I could just delete the old user and say too bad...

David Hoover
Helix Systems Staff, CIT/NIH
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