I have never used this support route before however I have a question about a 
Galaxy wrapper that I made for a python tool. I have a text input box connected 
to a $command_line_spot in an attempt to run a string such as "IN[4]=='gene'" 
on the command line (quotations included) through text box input. When I put 
"IN[4]=='gene'" directly in the command line it runs fine, however when I put 
it through my text box it puts the string on the command line as 
__dq__IN__ob__4__cb__==__sq__gene__sq____dq__   "IN[4]=='gene'" instead of just 
"IN[4]=='gene'". Sorry if this email makes no sense whatsoever, it is very out 
of context but I thought I'd ask.

Note: I am running the latest release of galaxy which I pulled from mercurial.


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