Hi all,

My apologies for reposting this, but I thought I ought have asked this in a
separate thread instead of appending it to a previous message. Anyway, I
was able to set up a folder for a user (in my case, my own non-admin user
account). universe_wsgi.ini's been configured to allow users to utilize a
data library. I've also created a library for my non-admin user account.
When all was set, I tried uploading a file to the library. But Galaxy
prompted me that the folder did not contain any valid files. I thought I
provided the wrong path; I even thought I really did not put anything in
the folder. But when I checked, every thing seemed fine. I'm really
stumped. I've searched the mailing list and even the wiki, and
unfortunately I was not able to find a decent answer. I changed the file
extension to .fastq and I indicated that the file to be uploaded was a
FASTQ one, as Jen has suggested. I still got the same error in the end.
I've scanned the universe_wsgi.ini file to see if there's anything else
that I needed to configure, but I found none.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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