I am running galaxy on a system that normally runs all jobs on the cluster, but some jobs need to be run locally...
But when I restart galaxy when these jobs are running, those jobs fail (and I am fine with that)...

But then when I check the logs, I see a lot of this kind of errors and the word CRITICAL scares me a little...

It complains about certain directories not being empty (although they look empty to me when I look at them)....
But if it needs to clean up should it not expect stuff to be in those working directories? And why is this a critical error and why don't those directories get removed anyway...It clutters my database and I fear this was the reason for weird behaviour I saw earlier, since it may re-use some of these directories after a while ?

galaxy.objectstore CRITICAL 2012-07-05 16:57:24,964 /mnt/ngs/analysis/tdeboer/galaxy-data/database2/job_working_directory/003/3350 delete error [Errno 39] Directory not empty: '/mnt/ngs/analysis/tdeboer/galaxy-data/database2/job_working_directory/003/3350'


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