Firstly, thanks for Galaxy - it's great!

I have a lot of items in various histories and I think I can reproduce what
looks like 2 bugs in editing user pages, using either latest chrome and
firefox on ubuntu 11.10 on Main

First bug - cannot choose anything to insert to a page once the second or
subsequent pages of multiple history items are showing when trying to
insert a dataset into a page

choose: User | saved pages
Create a new page and edit content
choose: insert a link to a galaxy object | insert dataset link
A small window opens with the start of many pages of history items - the
box is too small but if you scroll down you see Insert/Cancel action buttons
Select the next page (#2)
The small window opens up to the full screen - but the insert/cancel
buttons are no longer there and you can scroll through the list of history
items but you can't seem to get back
to those buttons. Even from the second page, the browser back button takes
me back to the edit page screen and the #1 link takes me back to the first
page without any insert/cancel options.

It seems that you can't select any dataset that's not on the first page to

Search can be used to limit the options and select a history item so I've
managed to kind of get things to work bur ir sure isn't easy.

Second bug:  Once you've used the search option on the list of datasets,
all the other pages of history items are gone - even if you remove the
search term - it doesn't resume the paging mode properly so you have to go
back to the main edit screen and start again.

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