Dear Galaxy Dev Team-

I'm looking to automate the complete setup/build of a customized galaxy
cluster from the command line.
I'm looking for help/suggestions on several steps (labeled MANUAL) where it
currently requires manual ui-input

1) [Automated] Have a script that uses cloudman + ec2-api-tools to create
new galaxy cluster on Amazon from scratch.

2) [MANUAL] open browser to the new instance, enter volume size and start a
new cluster. (Looking to be invoke this via command-line)

3) [MANUAL] Create standard users via the galaxy ui.  (looking to be able
to create a few standard users via command-line, not UI)

4) [MANUAL] Update galaxy to galaxy-dev tip using the galaxy-ui.  (Can I
just run hg pull/update? There doesn't seem to be the mercurial metadata in
the galaxy-central directory.)

5) [Automated] Pull custom code from personal bitbucket, apply changes,
create missing directories, install tools, etc. Copy over various configs
(toos_conf.xml , universe_wsgi,etc)

6)  [MANUAL] Import each workflow using the galaxy UI. (Have several
workflows, and currently have to manually import them via the UI. I'm
looking to make some type of command-line/api call that can pass the
workflow to galaxy)

I could go into the code and figure out how to call these functions or
possibly just insert rows into the database. However, I'm looking to
approach this using more official/supported API's.

Would be happy to try to contribute/document this process once I have it
working if others are interested.

Thanks in advance,
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