I get the following error when attempting to run FastQC from galaxy:

job command line:
python /opt/galaxy/galaxy-dist/tools/rgenetics/rgFastQC.py -i 
/opt/galaxy/galaxy-dist/database/files/000/dataset_75.dat -d 
/opt/galaxy/galaxy-dist/database/job_working_directory/000/114/dataset_128_files -o 
/opt/galaxy/galaxy-dist/database/files/000/dataset_128.dat -n "FastQC" -f 
fastqsanger -j SRS280832_1_FASTQ Groomer on data 14 -e 
job stderr:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/opt/galaxy/galaxy-dist/tools/rgenetics/rgFastQC.py", line 149, 
    assert os.path.isfile(opts.executable),'##rgFastQC.py error - cannot find 
executable %s' % opts.executable
AssertionError: ##rgFastQC.py error - cannot find executable 

The fastqc binary is in galaxy's PATH.  Any help would be appreciated.

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