I want to know if I can do something on galaxy. I have a folder for the 
chromosome 1 with start of G4 and start of ORI. For each start G4 I associated 
all of start ORI. For example if I have 2 start G4 (2 lines) and 4 start ORI (2 
lines), I will have on a new file 8 lines.


startG4-1   start ORI-1

startGA-1   startORI-2

startG4-1   startORI-3

startG4-1   startORI-4

startG4-2   startORI-1

startG4-2   starORI-2

startG4-2   startORI-3

startG4-2   startORI-4


Now I do the difference between the first column and the second and I want the 
absolute value of this difference to have the distance between the start G4 and 
the start ORI. I obtain a third column.

Now that I want is the minimum of those absolute values. And I want to know 
which start G4 and which start ORI who correspond to this mimnimum.


For example if the minimum of startG4-1 is on the third column and the minimum 
of startG4-2 is on the second column. I want as result


startG4-1   startORI-3   min(c2-c1)

startG4-2   startORI-2   min(c2-c1)


So know my question is, do you know if I can obtain that I wnt on Galaxy, and 
if YES how?


Best regards,

Victoria Spartacus
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