I have a situation I'm sure others have faced but I can't see how to solve it 
without hacking the src and I'd rather not do that just yet as it complicates 

We're using Apache with NTLM and "require valid user" so it's a corporate 
domain and only authorized users are allowed access.
If I set "use_remote_user = True" on universe_wsgi.ini then users are denied as 
Apache is passing the domain and username e.g. REMOTE_USER = DOMAIN\\username
I can't use a rewrite rule to fix it from Apache because then it's an invalid 
username and the user can't log into the web, and if it's passing 
DOMAIN\\username to Galaxy it doesn't match up with the Galaxy username so I 
get a 403 error.
Is there a hidden option to strip the domain from the login or am I going to 
have to start hacking?


Russell Smithies
Infrastructure Technician
Invermay Agricultural Centre
Puddle Alley, Private Bag 50034, Mosgiel 9053, New Zealand
T  +64 3 489 3809  F  +64 3 489 3739  

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