Hi all,

My apologies if this seems obvious to many of you (seems like something that will have been dealt with)- but I've been rooting around in the docs and mailing list to no concrete avail.

I'm looking to Galaxyise our existing (somewhat informal) microarray analysis workflows. I've found rexpression etc and the associated helpful datatypes. But I'm stuck at the import of .CEL files:

 * Do I need to create a new datatype to represent .CEL? The fact this
   doesn't exist by default suggests it's not the right approach.
 * Assuming I was to do the above, how would I create a function to
   generate an affyBatch (for example) from an unspecified number of
   input .CEL?
 * Is the solution to have R work with a .tar and a config file to
   produce the affyBatch, thereby bypassing the .CEL requirement? But
   then there's no .tar datatype either.....

If I've missed the docs I'm happy to be chided and pushed in the right direction.

Many thanks,


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