Hi Galaxy team,

This is going to be a very unhelpful message but I hope you have some
ideas to point me in the right direction!

For some reason our local Galaxy instance (set up with the production
server guide on the wiki minus all the fancy cluster stuff) is
refusing to run jobs except after a restart.

So we wish to execute our particular tool, it shows up in the history
as grey and will remain that way.

I have investigated all the logs and there are no error messages and
for some reason the handler is not receiving the message to execute
the tool.

Once we reset Galaxy as soon as it has gone through its initial
start-up process it executes our tool we wanted it to with no

We are operating with the latest version of galaxy-dist as of 30/07/12.

I have investigated the web and manager logs as well as my apache logs
just in case and have come up short.

Any tips or ideas would be much appreciated!


Department of Biochemistry,
University of Otago,
New Zealand.
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