Hi all,

I've just uploaded an update to my (previously protein only) sequence analysis
bundle on the ToolShed, which is stuck with the original name: tmhmm_and_signalp

This now offers Galaxy wrappers for several standalone command line sequence
analysis tools:

* SignalP 3.0 predicts signal peptides, see:

* TMHMM 2.0 predicts transmembrane helices, see:

* Promoter 2.0 predicts eukaryotic PolII promoters [NEW WRAPPER], see:

* WoLF PSORT predicts Eukaryote protein sub-cellular localization, see:

* Oomycete RXLR motif prediction - a Python script implementing three published
  methods, which calls SignalP 3.0 and HMMER 2.3.2 internally.

In this update I added the new Promoter 2.0 wrapper, and made some small
changes to the SignalP and TMHMM wrappers. The other tools are unchanged.

Looking at the tool bundle via the Tool Shed, for revision 7:9b45a8743100
it only shows four "valid" tools:

 * Promoter 2.0 - Find eukaryotic PolII promoters in DNA sequences
 * RXLR Motifs - Find RXLR Effectors of Plant Pathogenic Oomycetes
 * SignalP 3.0 - Find signal peptides in protein sequences
 * TMHMM 2.0 - Find transmembrane domains in protein sequences

Why is this missing?:

 *  WoLF PSORT - Eukaryote protein subcellular localization prediction

The missing tool is NOT showing up under "Browse my invalid tools", and
the wrapper XML seems to still be there if I browse the tip files.


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