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> I am a systems administrator for a cluster, and we use Torque and Moab as the 
> resource manager and scheduler.  I read that you can use drmaa to submit jobs 
> as a different user other than the 'galaxy' user using the external scripts, 
> but I haven't yet found a way to do it with torque. Is there a solution that 
> you could suggest? I am guessing that the pbs runner process would have to be 
> forked and use setuid to be able to run under the user. This would be great, 
> because it would make it easier to keep track of user time utilization.

Hi James,

I am in the same situation as you are. The basic documentation is at 
 However, there could be some site-specific issues with that configuration. For 
instance the user names in my instance do not correspond to the uid part of the 
galaxy username (email address), which is what released galaxy-dist code 
assumes. Fortunately, Nate and Scott from the Core Galaxy Team helped me get 
through almost all of the issues while we were at the Galaxy Community 
Conference. I am still working through the single remaining issue of drmaa not 
passing modified resource requests to Torque, but the rest appears to work 
stably with Torque 2.5.12.


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