Hi, Dear all,

I am trying to integrate a perl script to GALAXY, and here are the problems.

I have a tool configuration xml file called abc.xml located at
tools/myTools directory, which calls a perl scripts called
  1 <tool id="abc" name="abc">
   2   <command interpreter="perl">toolExample.pl $input $output</command>
   3   <inputs>

Inside the toolExample.pl, I am using some linux system command such
as "wc" and also "BEDTools/windowBed". The BEDTools executables are
configured correctly in my local linux machine, and when I type "which
windowBed" it can give me back the path correctly. When I run
toolExample.pl outside galaxy in the terminal, everything looks
correct; but when I run galaxy, it gave me the nonsense results ( all
0) and it seems that GALAXY has problems in recognizing either the
windowBed excutable file or the linux system command "wc" or maybe

To let GALAXY recognize "windowBed", I tried to put the windowBed
executable copied to myTools directory and add the following
<requirements>tags to the abc.xml file, but it doesn't seem to be
<requirement type="binary">windowBed</requirement>

Could anyone please help me figure out what was wrong? How can I fix
the problem? Thank you very much in advance!

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