Hi all,

I'm trying to wrap my head around what the <conditional> tag does...it
looks like it doesn't do what I would like.

I want to create a tool that allows the user to upload a data file and
then have it run through one or more filters. Each filter takes one or
more parameters.

I was thinking I could do something like this:

     <conditional name="mycond">
         <param name="checktest" type="boolean" label="foo" value="yessir">
         <when value="yessir">
             <param name="param1" type="text" label="bar" value="twunk">

The idea being, if the user checks the box labeled "foo", a text box
labeled "bar" will appear.
And I would have several such checkboxes and their accompanying parameters.
But what I get is just the checkbox, and nothing happens when I click it.

Is it possible to do what I have in mind, and if so, how?

Also note that these conditions are not mutually exclusive. A user can
select one *or more* filters. So I'm not sure how the body of my
<command> tag should look. Is there a way I can just pass every
possible parameter to my script like this:
myscript.py param1=foo param2=bar
If a parameter is not defined (because the user didn't click its
associated checkbox), then the script will receive e.g.
param1= param2=bar
but it can deal with that.

I realize I can make several tools and chain them together in a
workflow, but that seems like overkill for this use case, and it would
be nice if the user could set up their desired filters on one screen.

Is this possible?
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