Hi everybody,

I figured out the problem. Here is our solution, inspired from
which may help others:

In the galaxy.debian-init script provided by James Casbon, a line may be
added after the variable assignments and before invoking the
start-stop-daemon command:


whose purpose is to populate the galaxy $PATH environmental variable, as it
turns out that the start-stop-daemon, even as galaxy user, does not pass
through the galaxy shell, the .profile conf file, etc...

Everything seems to works fine now and we have Galaxy running as a service.


2012/8/25 Christophe Antoniewski <droso...@gmail.com>

> Hi everybody,
> I am getting troubles when I try running our galaxy instance as a daemon
> service in ubuntu, using the procedure provided by James Casbon and
> available in the /contrib galaxy directory (briefly, installing
> the galaxy.debian-init in the /etc/init.d directory)
> Everything is OK, *except* that third party softwares that are installed
> in /bin of the galaxy home directory fail.
> I suspect a problem of $PATH when the service is launched with the command
> :
> start-stop-daemon --chuid $USER --group $GROUP --start --make-pidfile \
>              --pidfile $PIDFILE --background --chdir $DIR --exec $PYTHON
> -- $OPTS;
> in the James bash script.
> However, R scripts for instance are run correctly.
> Taking this observation into account, we added /home/galaxy/bin in the
> /etc/environment
> unfortunately without success.
> Any advices for fixing this irritating bug is welcome !
> Chris
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