Hi there,

I've been having some trouble with the Tool Shed recently. This image from
the ToolShed wiki
Suggests that there is a "Browse all repositories" link on the side panel
in the non-admin interface, however the link seems to only appear on the
admin interface. After some digging around,
I've realized that the link really is formed only for the admin interface
(see: templates/webapps/community/admin/index.mako). I guess it's been
removed at some stage (however looking
at the hg logs for this file didn't help me figure out when). But back to
the real problem....clicking on "Browse by category" yields nothing -
everything is empty.

A bit about the configurations I tested... galaxy-central AND galaxy-dist -
minimal configuration (setting database_file in community_wsgi.ini and
unsetting it (same outcome)). One thing that
has led me to believe that there is something quite wrong in my
configuration is that there is no hgweb.config file created (apparently it
should be created once the toolshed starts). Right
now I'm looking around the hg/mercurial related code in the community/ dirs
but I'm not getting very far...the HgController class is "loaded" but none
of its methods ever get called (nor
can I find out from the code where they're supposed to be called from).

Has anyone else had this problem? I remember a few weeks ago on a clean
galaxy-dist I had (lost now), I was able to see the repositories as per the
user_register.png image above.
Since then I've made new VM images and lost the original galaxy-dist so I
can't go back and figure out what was different on that configuration...I'd
very much appreciate any
thoughts on this.

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