I'm trying to enable all the emboss tools on a local galaxy install.
I found this tidbit (below) which I thought might help, but when I
look at the tool_conf.xml, I don't see a list of emboss tools to
What should I try next?

Kelly Vincent kpvincent at bx.psu.edu
Fri Jan 14 11:26:37 EST 2011
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When you start the Galaxy server, it looks in tool_conf.xml for which
tools to load. Note that functional tests use tool_conf.xml.sample,
and we leave the EMBOSS tools commented out in that file, so your
tool_conf.xml file will still have them commented out if you haven't
changed that. Uncomment the relevant lines and the EMBOSS tools should
show up. After making changes to tool_conf.xml, you'll have to restart
the server.
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