Hello Bjorn,

I've committed your patch in change set revision 7669:5088185a5bca, which is 
currently running on the test Galaxy tools shed.  The fix will be moved to the 
main Galaxy tool shed at the time of the next Galaxy release, currently 
scheduled for the end of next week.

Regarding the main tool shed tracking Galaxy dist, that means that the main 
tool shed gets updated only when the Galaxy dist repository gets updated - this 
is now going to occur about every two weeks.  Running the code from the Galaxy 
central repository may not fully work if going against the main Galaxy tool 
shed, but the test Galaxy tool shed tracks the Galaxy central code, so things 
should work there.

Until recently, both the main tool shed and the test tool shed tracked Galaxy 
central, but the community requested that the main tool shed tracks the stable 
Galaxy dist repository instead of the development Galaxy central repository.

Regarding contributed fixes, please keep them coming, as they are very much 
appreciated!  I may have misunderstood one of your previous messages if I 
responded in a way that was confusing.  If so, I apologize.

Thanks so much for all of your help and contributions!

Greg Von Kuster

On Sep 10, 2012, at 2:45 PM, Björn Grüning wrote:

> Hi Greg,
> what did you think about the attached patch?
> In my setup i have 'deployment folder' where i symlink all different
> wrapper under a new logical structure for toolshed deployment. That
> directory gets tarred. Unfortunately a few files ending up as hard-link
> in the tarball. At least TarInfo returns true.
> TarInfo.islnk()
> Return True if it is a hard link.
> If im not wrong it does not hurt to also allow hard-links. Also it would
> be nice to know which file is the offender, if a tarball gets rejected.
> One question to the galaxy-dist. The toolshed is now tracking
> galaxy-dist? What does that mean? That all development is happening in
> galaxy-dist and not in central? That would mean that it is not possible
> to run central with both galaxy and the toolshed? Im a little bit
> confused. When i will find a bug in galaxy or the toolshed in
> galaxy-central the bug should not be fixed and posted?
> Thanks,
> Bjoern
> -- 
> Björn Grüning
> Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
> Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
> Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics
> Hermann-Herder-Strasse 9
> D-79104 Freiburg i. Br.
> Tel.:  +49 761 203-4872
> Fax.:  +49 761 203-97769
> E-Mail: bjoern.gruen...@pharmazie.uni-freiburg.de
> Web: http://www.pharmaceutical-bioinformatics.org/
> <toolshed_detailed_error.diff>

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