I have a tool on the main galaxy toolshed called fastq_groomer_parallel.
During an update, with a new tar.gz upload I accidentally included in an
unrelated big folder of stuff under the folder build/

The upload failed (with no helpful error message, only to turn on debug
I went and browsed the files via the web interface and the folder is there,
but when I tried to delete it it says "No changes to repository. "
Everything is normal, ie I can install this from a galaxy instance and the
build/ folder is not there.
when I hg pull and push etc the folder is not there.

I have another question with versioning. So far with my experimentation on
the testtoolshed, The version is only bumped when I upload via an archive
not when I push to the repo.
Is this meant to be the case?
Also "Get Updates" to a toolshed tool as a galaxy Admin. doesnt seem to
work, I basically have to install a new instance again, is this normal?

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