Hello all,

I recently migrated the location of the Galaxy
file_path directory (~/database/files/) along with the temp,
job_working_directory, and pbs directory locations (all under
~/database/) to a new storage system mount point and I properly updated the
change in the universe_wsgi.ini file but have run into some problems with
managing our datasets. I can run Galaxy jobs just fine but I cannot view or
download the datasets in the output of the jobs after they have run - when
it tries to open it from the new path - and I get an actual browser error
when trying to fetch the dataset. On a hunch I created a symbolic link
named after the old path in the / directory pointing to the new location
(and pointed file_path in the universe_wsgi.ini file back to it - which
looks exactly like the old directory path), and sure enough this works as a
(temporary) fix to view/download the files. However doing that seems to, in
turn, mess with the file uploading function which will fail every time with
a "OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory" message. So I'm caught
between two broken configurations depending on the path I point to (the new
path or the symlink alternative). I guess in the latter situation it does
not like traversing a symbolic link (which is the only explanation that I
can think of). The root of the problem needs to be fixed though in that
Galaxy seems to be "remembering" the old path from somewhere (the Galaxy
database?) such that it will not let me simply migrate the data to a new
location and change the path variables in universe_wsgi.ini. Any
suggestions on the proper changes that need to be made to fix this

Josh Nielsen
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