Interesting. If I'm reading this correctly the problem is happening
inside pkg_resources? (galaxy.eggs unzips eggs, but I think it does so
on install [fetch_eggs] time not run time which would avoid this). If
so this would seem to be a locking bug in pkg_resources. Dannon, we
could put a guard around the imports in as an
(overly aggressive and hacky) fix.

-- jt

On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 10:37 AM, Jorrit Boekel
<> wrote:
> - which lead to unzipping .so libraries from python eggs into the nodes'
> /home/galaxy/.python-eggs
> - this runs into lib/ and its _bypass_ensure_directory
> method that creates the temporary dir for the egg unzip
> - since there are 8 processes on the node, sometimes this method tries to
> mkdir a directory that was just made by the previous process after the
> isdir.
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