I'd like to have a tool that does not actually return anything (is
that possible?) but writes a file to the directory where Galaxy stores
uploaded data files, and tells Galaxy about it (perhaps that involves
writing to a database?). My tool is written in R.

Here is my scenario:
I want the user to upload a text file, then pass that text file, along
with several parameters, (in something we'll call Tool1) which I use
to create a serialized R object. That object is then used in several
other tools. I don't want the user to have to download and then
re-upload the serialized object. I want it to just be available after
the user runs Tool1.

I realize that workflows could solve my problem here, but I want to
keep the UI as simple as possible. For Tool2..ToolN, I don't want to
have to always ask the user for the parameters for Tool1 as well as
the current tool.

So, is there a way for my tool to make Galaxy aware of an additional dataset?
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