On Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 4:59 PM, Scott McManus <scottmcma...@gatech.edu> wrote:
> My apologies:
> <stdio>
>   <exit_code range="1:" />
>   <exit_code range=":-1" />
> </stdio>

Great. Something like <exit_code range="!0" /> would be shorter
but I appreciate wanting to keep the syntax simple.

> Again, note that the second range will not be useful as OS X and
> Linux (or at least the distros I've used) will never return a value
> less than 0.

I'm sure I've had return code -9 to mean a job died from signal 9
(SIGKILL), but I forget now which OS exactly this was on but I
think CentOS Linux. This use of negative return codes -N when
killed by signal N could be a Python specific convention, but if
so I think it could show up in Galaxy:

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