Thanks Peter,
It was in fact the snffier  type.  I changed it to <sniffer 

I am using the July07 distribution. The reason I installed the datatypes 
manually is because when I did it via the directions with the toolshed all 
my workflows that used blast tools were broken. They could no longer find 
the blast tools. So I immediately removed the toolshed installation and 
tried to set up as before. With the blast wrappers back in the 
tools/ncbi_blast_plus directory. Now my workflows are functional again.

Thanks for your help,

From:   Peter Cock <>
To:     "" <>
Cc:     Liisa Koski <>
Date:   26/09/2012 04:33 AM
Subject:        Re: [galaxy-dev] problem installing blast_datatypes 

On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 8:39 PM, Peter Cock <> 
> On Tuesday, September 25, 2012, Liisa Koski wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I followed the instructions below to manually install the 
>> Manual Installation
>> ===================
>> Normally you would install this via the Galaxy ToolShed, which would 
>> the provided file into a suitable location and process the
>> datatypes_conf.xml entry to be combined with your local configuration.
>> However, if you really want to this should work for a manual install. 
>> the following line to the datatypes_conf.xml file in the Galaxy main
>> folder:
>>    <datatype extension="blastxml" 
>> mimetype="application/xml" display_in_upload="true"/>
>> Also create the file lib/galaxy/datatypes/ by moving, copying 
>> linking the file provided in this tar-ball.  Finally add 
'import blast'
>> near
>> the start of file lib/galaxy/datatypes/ (after the other 
>> lines).
>> =========================
>> I restarted my local Galaxy instance but still get this error.
>> WARNING:galaxy.datatypes.registry:Error appending sniffer for datatype
>> 'galaxy.datatypes.xml:BlastXml' to sniff_order: 'module' object has no
>> attribute 'BlastXml'
>> Any help would be much appreciated.
>> Thanks,
>> Liisa
> The error message sounds like your XML file is using the old location of 
> BlastXml class (it used to be in an file, now it is in
> instead). Can you grep the XML file for Blast? (Use -I for case 
> Sadly right now our Galaxy server is offline (suspected disk failure), 
so I
> may not be able to double check what is on our machine. I'll try to have 
> look at work tomorrow though.

My guess is you have this, with an out of date sniffer line from when
BLAST+ was part of the main distribution:

    <datatype extension="blastxml"
type="galaxy.datatypes.blast:BlastXml" mimetype="application/xml"
    <sniffer type="galaxy.datatypes.xml:BlastXml"/>

And you should have:

$ grep -i blast datatypes_conf.xml
    <datatype extension="blastxml"
type="galaxy.datatypes.blast:BlastXml" mimetype="application/xml"
    <sniffer type="galaxy.datatypes.blast:BlastXml"/>

Or, if you leave out the sniffer:

$ grep -i blast datatypes_conf.xml
    <datatype extension="blastxml"
type="galaxy.datatypes.blast:BlastXml" mimetype="application/xml"

The sniffer is important to allow the user to upload BLAST XML files
and have them automatically recognised as such. I see that I had not
mentioned that in the tool's README file, an oversight I will fix in the
next upload to the tool shed:

> (Out of interest, was there a reason you didn't use the automatic 
> from the ToolShed?)

I should probably have also checked - are you running a recent
version of Galaxy where the NCBI BLAST+ wrappers have been
removed from the core distribution?



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