Hi all;
I've been thinking about ways to upload into user histories via the API.
My goal is to be able to have an analysis platform that works
alongside Galaxy and can easily pass files back and forth through the

The tools API turned out to be a great fit for this, since you can
remotely call the upload tool with a URL and stream the file in.
I was able to get it working with a couple of small tweaks to the
existing code. The pull request to galaxy-central is here:


Using a Clojure wrapper on top of John's blend4j library, I have a small
proof of concept with upload/download from Galaxy histories:


Dannon, or anyone else who likes to hack on the API, let me know if there
is anything I can do to help get these small fixes merged in for the
next release. I'd love to be able to demo this with Galaxy main.

The API rocks,
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