I've been learning about the tool shed, as precipitated by the decision to move 
the blast tool out of the standard distribution.

(I'm having a problem doing so as documented here: 
 , but that's not the point of this email)

Is there a goal to move every tool that's currently included in the EC2 tools 
snapshot to the public tool shed to keep the standard galaxy distribution 
leaner? If so, I have two questions/concerns:

1) How will this work with the concept of a tool volume snapshot? I'd have to 
make a snapshot of my partition every time I installed/removed a tool from a 
tool shed. Would it make sense to re-characterize the tools volume as a 
persistent volume (a la the user data volume) instead of it being snapshot 
driven like it is now? Is it currently possible for me to point to a persistent 
EC2 tools volume and not a snapshot in my persistent S3 information in order to 
make the cluster stop/start process simpler?

2) Are there plans to provide ranking or popularity ratings to the public tool 
shed so I know which tools are the most stable, popular, or perhaps used to be 
included in the standard distribution?

Thanks again for your work, apologies for the verbosity, I'm just getting to 
know galaxy.

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