Please direct all Galaxy development questions to the -dev list (cc'd); this 
ensures that they get answered quickly and by the right people.

> i will put it in the toolshed. I had a few additional questions in the
> Issue-Tracker, but unfortunately i can't access it. Is that intentional?

Yes, we've disabled Bitbucket tickets for now. We've evaluating better ways to 
track issues/enhancements, and, one way or another, we'll soon have a public 
form of issue/enhancement tracking again.

> In the pull request was one commit, that includes the
> index-infrastructure for bismark indices. Is that also possible with the
> toolshed currently?

I think so, but I'll let Greg provide the definitive answer.

> Bismark is a single perl script, its ok to ship that script with the
> wrapper and do not fetch it via tool_dependencies.xml or?

Greg is the best person to answer this question.

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