Dear Galaxy community,

I have noticed that since I have upgraded to the latest galaxy distribution 
(October 5th, b5bda7a5c345), the "search tools" function in the left frame 
doesn't seem to work properly. For example, in previous distributions, if I 
typed "fastx", it would display all the tools under the "FASTX-Toolkit for 
FASTQ data" section. Now, I don't get anything (but the FASTX-Toolkit for FASTQ 
data and the tools in it are still available if I look manually in the tool 
list). Similar problem when I search with the keyword "draw". I get some 
results, but I would miss some. For example, "Draw quality score boxplot for 
SOLiD data""Draw quality score boxplot", "Draw nucleotides distribution chart" 
(and some more)  does not appear in the search results. I haven't tested all 
the possible keywords to search, but my guess is that this problem probably 
happens with other search terms. 

The same situation occurs on the penn state instance of galaxy 
(, so I guess this problem is not related to my 
local version. 

This is not a major bug, but I thought it was worth mentioning it.


University of Perpignan
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