Be aware that this may not work in future versions of Galaxy, and
probably won't work in some places already (e.g. trackster).

If this is a common need, one option would be to create a new type of
grouping construct that would simply be a labeled group. In the config
this would be:

<group name="group1" label="First group of parameters"
collapsable="true" collapsed="true">

(collapsed/collapsable would configure whether the group can be hidden
and is hidden by default, this would be a more natural way to define
commonly used vs all parameters for example).

-- jt

On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 10:11 AM, Joachim Jacob <> wrote:
> You might have a look to the GMAP aligner wrapper in the toolshed
> Apparently you have to use the html codes
> for the symbols, instead of the symbols themselves
> GMAP example:
> label="&lt;H2&gt;Input Sequences&lt;/H2&gt;Select an mRNA or EST dataset to
> map" />
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