Hi all,

I have the assorted tools & wrappers under hg on a branch of my
galaxy-central repository (the 'tools' branch), but they are not on
the main branch (i.e. the 'default' branch).

I switched from the 'tools' branch (which has the BLAST+ tools) to the
'default' branch, and then attempted to rerun a BLAST job in my history.
This gave a red error but with a misleading error message:

This dataset was created by an obsolete tool (ncbi_tblastx_wrapper).
Can't re-run.

I think it should have said something like: Tool 'ncbi_tblastn_wrapper' is
not installed. This is not specific to the BLAST+ wrappers, it happens
with all the locally installed tools.



If I clicked on the tool in the left hand menu (still there as while I had
restarted the Galaxy server I had not reloaded the page in my browser),
it said:

Tool 'ncbi_tblastn_wrapper' does not exist, kwd={}

(This was a plain white message, it lacked the nice red background).
Again, the wording isn't ideal but this is a corner case.
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