On Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 12:00 AM, Fields, Christopher J
<cjfie...@illinois.edu> wrote:
> My local one is set up like this and it works (for augustus):
>     toolshed.g2.bx.psu.edu/repos/bjoern-gruening/augustus/augustus/0.1 = 
> pbs:///default/-l ncpus=1,mem=8gb,walltime=24:00:00/
> The above is the path in within the shed repo.
> chris

Hi Chris,

This was quite helpful, although I don't know what you mean by "path
in within the shed repo". The tool I was trying to specify a runner
for is "ncbi_blastn_wrapper" form the "ncbi_blast_plus" repository.
This is the past to the tool under the local "shed_tools" directory:

I did however, now that I see what is the overall look of IDs in these
cases, find a way to come up with the correct ID. I put a job to run
and looked in "Admin/Manage jobs", the column "Tool" displays the
correct ID of the tool running. In my case it ended being:

Thanks a lot for giving me a good hint of what to look for!,
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