Hi Anton and the Galaxy Developers, 
Please forgive me for contacting the list, but for the life of me I've tried
over the last couple of weeks to get the Poisson two-sample test under the
metagenomic analysis option to work.
My table is simple: a three column tabular file with the first column being the
name of the query and the next two columns being the read amounts of two
different samples.  The test is pretty straightforward and I am getting no
errors.  When the test is returned to me I have a empty table.   I've tried all
different iterations of the table on lots of different versions of Galaxy (Penn
State, JGI, UC Davis, etc.) and I'm getting the same result.  Is there a way
there is a bug present?  I'm able to get this table to work in my R console.
I've left my data active in my user account (jrh...@psu.edu).  Sorry for the
email and appreciate your time into either telling me I'm an idiot or there is
a bug.  Thanks ~ josh  
Joshua R. Herr

321 Forest Resources Building
The Schatz Center for Tree Molecular Genetics
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802, USA

email:     jh...@psu.edu

phone: +01.503.880.3131 (cellular)
           814.865.4440 (office)

science blog: http://cymeandcystidium.com
website: http://joshuaherr.com

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