On Oct 22, 2012, at 3:52 AM, David van Enckevort <david.van.enckev...@nbic.nl> 

> On the main galaxy page there is a link 'Report Issue' to the bitbucket issue 
> tracker, however since a few weeks it is not possible to view or report 
> issues anymore since it requires membership of the project.

The wiki needs to be updated, thanks for pointing this out.  It actually has 
conflicting instructions, both saying to, and not to, report issues on 

> This raises two questions:
> 1. How should issues be reported?
> 2. How can we see which issues have been reported by others, and most 
> importantly, whether they have been addressed by the Galaxy Team.
> I think it is very important for any group that maintains a Galaxy instance 
> to have insight in the known issues and fixes, and I hope this information is 
> still available somewhere.

We now have a public facing Trello board accessible from 
galaxyproject.org/trello (direct link to the board is 
To add new cards simply fill out the form at galaxyproject.org/trello (use 
markdown for formatting, if desired), but you can comment on and vote for 
issues directly on the board.

All existing bitbucket issues were imported and, though they still need to be 
sorted out, comments/voting on them are more than welcome.  Our hope is that 
this issue tracker will be a more effective community interface than the 
bitbucket issues were, with the voting features and simpler visibility.

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