We have some common admin-tasks that we would like to implement on our
instance, but before doing so, we were wondering what Galaxy has already
baked it.

1. Is the Galaxy team planning to implement job_walltime for the local
runner?  Currently, job_walltime is only implemented for the pbs
runner--we believe that it would be a useful feature regardless of which
runner one is using.

2. Is there a way to limit the number of active jobs a user can run at one
time?--perhaps a record in universe_wsgi.ini (e.g. max_jobs) could be

3. This is a bug report--but on our version of Galaxy, rev 949e4f5fa03a,
the sort-by-last login (on the manage users page), doesn't sort correctly.
 We are interested in deleting inactive users, and sorting by last-login
is one way of doing this, but I was wondering if others out there have a
better solution.

Len Taing
Cistrome Development Team

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