On 24/10/12 18:09, Carl Eberhard wrote:
I would like to know if mod_wsgi has been considered for the deployment of 
Galaxy at all, and whether anyone has any positive or negative experiences with 
I can only speak for the second part of your question: I've had some
experience with Apache 2 + mod_wsgi, but within a Django stack.

There was a somewhat complex set up/configuration (not horrible, just
tedious) - that may have been particular to our situation and/or Django. It
might be easier in your Galaxy situation.

I've administered applications on various mod_wsgi sites, but I've never had to set it up. It can't really be worse than mod_python, though, can it?

After set up, I found it pretty easy to work with:

    - Very rarely had to deal with bugs/workarounds or modification in
    - His/Their documentation for the mod is excellent -  which is an often
    understated positive.
    - I found no problems with logging, debugging, or the mod 'getting in
    the way' of normal Apache features.
    - If I recall correctly, there was a good user base out there (~2-3
    years ago).

I think it's even more usable than it was 2-3 years ago, which may also have been when I first had to use it. I just wondered whether there were any issues preventing its use with Galaxy.

Having a "persistent" Galaxy-only Web server process, as the Paste-based server seems to be, might inadvertently encourage people to store things in memory (class and module globals, for example) that would mysteriously go away (and cause errors) under different deployment mechanisms, although I would imagine that doing load balancing of several Paste-based servers might provoke similar problems and so they would be known to the community.

It just seemed rather involved to have to manage mod_rewrite rules or use mod_proxy when an integrated solution exists and is widely used. The only really practical reason I can think of, given that the Paste-based server is probably not well regarded for performance, is that mod_wsgi isn't packaged for certain operating system distributions like Red Hat Enterprise Linux, but having just checked, that actually isn't the case for RHEL 6:

mod_wsgi.x86_64                 3.2-1.el6          rhel-x86_64-server-6

Maybe the answer is that people either don't know or don't really care. :-)

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