The Galaxy application does store quite a bit in memory (not as
globals though). This doesn't preclude running under mod_wsgi, but it
will work best in a configuration that uses a small number of long
running processes with multiple threads.

Basically, we run nginx proxying paste on the main Galaxy, so that is
the configuration that is most well tested, and that is what we
recommend (and can help support most easily). Other configurations
might work just fine. I've used Galaxy with various other wsgi servers
with issues.

The performance of Paste's http server isn't really an issue since all
requests that actually to paste require database access, which is
typically orders of magnitude slower than Paste#http's overhead.

-- jt

On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 12:23 PM, Paul Boddie <> wrote:
> Having a "persistent" Galaxy-only Web server process, as the Paste-based
> server seems to be, might inadvertently encourage people to store things in
> memory (class and module globals, for example) that would mysteriously go
> away (and cause errors) under different deployment mechanisms, although I
> would imagine that doing load balancing of several Paste-based servers might
> provoke similar problems and so they would be known to the community.
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