Hi all,


After updating my galaxy-dist to the latest release (23/Oct) I get the 
following error message when I try to access one of my data libraries. 


Error attempting to display contents of library (testlibrary): 
(OperationalError) no such column: True u'SELECT dataset_permissions.id AS 
dataset_permissions_id, dataset_permissions.create_time AS 
dataset_permissions_create_time, dataset_permissions.update_time AS 
dataset_permissions_update_time, dataset_permissions.action AS 
dataset_permissions_action, dataset_permissions.dataset_id AS 
dataset_permissions_dataset_id, dataset_permissions.role_id AS 
dataset_permissions_role_id XnFROM dataset_permissions XnWHERE True AND 
dataset_permissions.action = ?' ['access'].


I was getting the same error message as the previous post 
 before the update and it’s now replaced with the above. I’ve also tried 
cloning a fresh galaxy-dist but I’m still receiving the same error message. 


The library exists and files are present because I can see them when I go to 
http://localhost:8080/api/libraries/XXXXX ... I just cannot access it via the 
web interface.

Has anyone experienced a similar situation, or have any ideas?


Many Thanks,

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