Hello all,


I've written a MrBayes wrapper that accepts a Nexus file (presumably containing 
a data block and a command block). In order to make it a bit easier for new 
users, I was hoping to be able to  let users specify some parameters, such as 
their model, in Galaxy, as opposed to including it in the command block of the 
Nexus file. Am I correct in thinking this is not possible since MrBayes does 
not have a way to invoke commands in-line? 


To clarify for non-MrBayes people, my limited understanding is that you either 
invoke  the interpreter with "$ mb" and then enter your commands, or directly 
execute a Nexus file (containing the data and commands) with " $ mb 


Please correct me if I'm missing something or thinking about this completely 
wrong. I'd appreciate any input about MrBayes or a similar kind of tool. 





Ann Gomez

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