Hi. Resending because I got no response. Can anybody suggest anything that
might explain this, or tell me how I can troubleshoot? Where to look in
the Python code? Whether anybody has seen anything like this? Our beta
tester can't actually test anything. This occurs whether he does the
"FTP-style" upload or uploads through the browser.


-Amir Karger

On 10/23/12 2:42 PM, "Karger, Amir" <amir_kar...@hms.harvard.edu> wrote:

>I'm using Galaxy from June, 2012. (Sorry if there's already a fix.)
>We've got it "working" in production. We've gotten whole pipelines to run.
>However, we occasionally get situations where we upload file (using the
>FTP mechanism), which seems to be fine, but then I can't get to the data.
>I went to Saved Histories, and selected Switch, and it outlined the line
>in blue and wrote "current history" next to it. But the right pane still
>shows "Unnamed history" with no data in it. Then if I go back to Saved
>Histories, I get one or two new Unnamed histories, created within the last
>few minutes.
>I just tried to "View" the history, which worked (in the middle pane) and
>clicked "import and start using history". This seemed to work, but I got
>three panes inside the middle pane! When I go back (again) to saved
>histories, there are 3 histories - one the imported one with 2 steps, two
>unnamed histories, all created < 1 minute ago.
>We just asked a beta tester to play with things, and he uploaded two
>fastqs, but had what sounds like a similar problem.
>Any thoughts on what's happening?
>-Amir Karger
>Research Computing
>Harvard Medical School

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