On 11/02/2012 02:20 PM, Vladimir Yamshchikov wrote:
Someone has advised also that SQLite, which is the default option,
> is not adequate for serious work. Is this something I need to
> change too?

Indeed, see:

> I mean could this prevent dataset upload? I tried to intall
> PostgreSQL, but it is quite messy and instructions are far
> from beng adequate or even accurate.

Although, using SQLite has many disadvantages, I doubt, it has a direct influence on the actual upload process.

Well, it has been a while since I last installed PostgreSQL from scratch, but I never ran into troubles. And since PostgreSQL is an Open Source Project as well, there is a lot of support available, see:

Regards, Hans-Rudolf


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Hi Vladimir

On 11/01/2012 03:46 AM, Vladimir Yamshchikov wrote:
Local install of Galaxy on SciLinux55. Fails to upload 5.2 GB fastq file
from local HD, while normally loading smaller fastq and fasta datasets
(less than 1 GB). Chunks of 1.2 GB size remain in */database/tmp, which
all represent beginning of the file that fails to upload. Several
attempts to upload made and several chunks of the same size are present.
Can I just copy the file dataset to database directory instead of
uploading through web interface?

Make sure you provide a directory for "library_import_dir" in the
universe_wsgi.ini file.  And copy your files to this location (or a sub
directory of it). This will give you an extra option in the admin menu:
'Upload directory of files' and then use the 'Link files without copying
to Galaxy' option.

Alternatively, set "allow_library_path_paste" to 'True' (see also the
comments and warnings in the universe_wsgi.ini file )

Regards, Hans-Rudolf

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