On 04/11/12 16:39, Marcelo Timmerman wrote:

Anyone knows if using nginx would avoid the internal HTTP Python server?

It appears that nginx is used as a proxy in front of the Python/Paste server, not as a replacement. You could use something like mod_wsgi with Apache instead of that server, but nobody seems to be doing that at the moment, as far as I can tell. Many Python Web projects seem to favour mod_wsgi as a deployment option for WSGI, so it's a safe choice.

  guys but I have to tell you this is why Python is considered a crap for
  big projects. When things like this fail, only the original developer
knows how to fix it.

There are a lot more factors affecting reliability and ease of maintenance in "big projects" than the matter of which programming language was used.

What do you have for your host and port in your configuration file?


P.S. And you might want to look into this...

 RuntimeWarning: __builtin__.file size changed, may indicate binary 

If you mix libraries from different Python versions or using different Unicode representations or which are compiled for different architectures, you may end up with some problems that really are difficult to diagnose. That's simply a matter of configuration management.
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