We recently upgraded our local galaxy install and followed the procedure that 
now uses "bwa" from the galaxy toolshed. Since the upgrade "bwa" alignments are 
generating the following error (exact file paths redacted):

[bwt_restore_bwt] fail to open file '/path_to/bwa_path/mm9_all.fa.rbwt'. Abort!

/bin/sh: line 1: 14044 Aborted                 (core dumped) bwa aln -t 4 
/path_to/bwa_path/mm9_all.fa /path_to/galaxy/002/dataset_2377.dat > 

We are using indexes made by bwa (0.6.0 also tried 0.6.2) but I do not see the 
"*.rbwt" file mentioned above in the indexes we have. BWA was working prior to 
the upgrade with the indexes currently in place.

We are using "LSF" for job queuing on the cluster. All other tools appear to be 
working fine.


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